Buffalo Big Shot


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Did we improve the Big Shot? Yes we did. The new Buffalo Big Shot – medium brown. High tensile strength and very little stretch.

Fax Us Your Hand Tracing!

We've brought back the fax number, so you can once again fax a tracing of your hand, to get the best size and match for you!

Fax: (208) 423-5143

    • Faxing a tracing of your shooting hand is the best and most accurate way to determine glove size.
    • With your palm facing up, measure from your middle finger tip down to that first crease at the bottom of your palm.  See sizing info below.
    • Include your phone number or email address and we’ll get back to you right away.
    • Please note — photocopies or pictures of your hand DO NOT WORK – please do not submit them.

    Size Chart

    Small 6 3/4"
    Medium 7"
    Large 7 1/2"
    Extra Large 8"
    XXL 8 1/2" and up