Buffalo CrossOver


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The Buffalo Crossover glove is made of premium buffalo leather.

Designed for the archer who prefers a traditional leather finger stall, the Crossover has finger stalls with buffalo leather or plastic inserts between two layers of buffalo leather for added support when shooting heavy-weight bows. This glove has neoprene on the knuckles, like all our adult gloves, to ensure minimum slip on the finger stalls after string release.

**Please note – color may vary from medium to dark brown.

Sizing Information

    • With your palm facing up, measure from your middle finger tip down to that first crease at the bottom of your palm.  See sizing info below.
    • Email or text your measurement and information to us and we will get back to you right away.
    • Please note — photocopies or pictures of your hand DO NOT WORK – please do not submit them.
    • Let us know if you are left handed.

    Size Chart

    Small 6 3/4"
    Medium 7"
    Large 7 1/2"
    Extra Large 8"
    XXL 8 1/2" and up