Kangaroo Krossover


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Here’s the newest addition to the American Leathers family – our Kangaroo Krossover.  This black kangaroo leather is the strongest leather we’ve found – thin, virtually no stretch, and excellent string feel.  Features buffalo leather or plastic inserts between two layers of leather on the finger stalls.

Fax Us Your Hand Tracing!

We've brought back the fax number, so you can once again fax a tracing of your hand, to get the best size and match for you!

Fax: (208) 423-5143

    • Faxing a tracing of your shooting hand is the best and most accurate way to determine glove size.
    • With your palm facing up, measure from your middle finger tip down to that first crease at the bottom of your palm.  See sizing info below.
    • Include your phone number or email address and we’ll get back to you right away.
    • Please note — photocopies or pictures of your hand DO NOT WORK – please do not submit them.

    Size Chart

    Small 6 3/4"
    Medium 7"
    Large 7 1/2"
    Extra Large 8"
    XXL 8 1/2" and up