All I can say is wow! I didn’t think I’d ever find a glove as good as this. So comfortable and handles my 60# + longbows without my fingers feeling any pain. Thank you again

- James P

Hello, got my glove today, thanks! It’s great! Had the Crossover for years, but wanted to try the Big Shot. Not disappointed!

- Matt

Thank you for this amazing customer service! The medium glove felt great but was a bit small! I WILL DEFINITELY RECOMMEND YOU ALL I LOVE THE FEEL OF THE GLOVE! I can’t wait to get the right fitting one.

- Roberto S

I was a little worried at first about the size. I’m not a big guy and ordered an size “L”, just following the sizing tips. The fit was kind of snug but it broke down and resulted in a perfect and secure fit. This is the best glove I’ve ever owned. I ordered an extra long guard and it impressed me. It’s very comfortable. The leather in the front is very soft to the touch and is reinforced in the middle. The care with the customers is also great!

- Rodolpho K

When I first received my Big Shot in the mail, I was a little disappointed……….. It seemed to be too small. However, the leather was real soft so I figured it would stretch some. I wore it for several hours (over about 4 days) without doing any shooting. Things seemed to be getting better, so I took it to the range. The more I shoot with it, the better I like it!!!!! Thanks for a GREAT glove……. I appreciate the extra effort you went to in order to fit my big hand.

- Lance H.

John, I just wanted to say thank you for such a great product. I’m amazed at how much my shooting has improved during such a short time after starting to use the glove. Ultimately it gives me the feel, control, and smooth release that I needed. Thank you! I’ll certainly be sharing my thoughts on the glove with all those I know and at any shoots I’m at. I REALLY like it. 🙂

- David B.

John and Lori – first off I would like to thank you for all of your help and the time spent talking to me.  I was so surprised when I called and Lori answered which I knew was one of the owners.  From that point I had a feeling I was making the right choice in getting a glove from American Leathers.  I then spoke to John who was great; he walked me through the sizing steps so I would get the correct size and was willing to make a few tweaks due to my weird hand.  He took good care of me.  Next was the waiting game for the glove to arrive; I chose the Big Shot and it arrived in no time at all.  I was delighted to see some other goodies enclosed.  It has been nearly a month with the glove and it is the best glove I have ever put on and shot with.  My groups are much tighter and my fingers no longer are numb or tingling.  Buying something from this family is more than just a great product – it is also about the amazing customer service that they put into everything they do.  I plan on buying a backup glove here soon just in case I wear this one out – but I don’t thank that will happen for a long time.  Thank you so much again and keep going what you do every day.

- Lifetime Customer - Ryan S

Happiness found in BBS glove! I received my new Buffalo Big Shot glove, and have put several hundred shots through it this past weekend, Monday, and Today. My search for what I shoot with is over!!! I was having issues with my middle finger going numb while shooting, and someone suggested that I go from the thin calf hair tab I was using, to a glove. I tried a few, and didn’t care for them, and then several people mentioned your company, and this glove. I love it! Thank you for your help in sizing, quick shipping, and overall outstanding product! I am thrilled to be shooting the way I am with it. It’s saved my traditional shooting – completely! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I will recommend you to all my traditional friends!

- Glenn D

I just wanted to thank you on the production of a really great shooting glove. I have used many other tabs and gloves out there and wished for one thing or another in all of them. The American Leathers glove has succeeded in all aspects. First, the quality of the leather was amazing. The break-in process was easy and the glove looks better with each shot. Second, I think that the manufacturing was flawless. Third, the design of the glove is just right. When I first started using the glove I thought that it was too short due to what I expected from other gloves that I have used in the past, but then I began to notice was that it was actually perfect. The finger stalls stay in the perfect position throughout the shooting cycle. I do a lot of shooting and at the end of the day I am thinking only of the shot and not sore fingers or the comfort of the glove. It is a pleasure to use. The traditional archery crew out here thanks you for a great product and awesome customer support.

- Scott | Burlingame, CA